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Thunderstruck Summer Vibes


Celebrating the Preview Night at La Galleria Pall Mall Art Gallery

I'll start with the Summer Show Preview Night at La Galleria Pall Mall, as it was a real highlight of July for me. I must admit I always love a preview evening. Wine and conversations flowing. They are excellent social events that help you make connections and form new friendships.

It was a very well attended event and the atmosphere was fantastic so thank you to the La Galleria Gallery team! And of course thank you to my cousin who put me up, as well as helped me to drink all the wine.

My artwork on display at the Summer Show at La Galleria Pall Mall

My recent trip(s) to London have also brought with them some inspiration. I did my best to not do do too much, but instead appreciate the buzz of city life. One of my latest observational pieces, 'Summer dreaming along South Bank', is inspired by time spent soaking in the atmosphere of one of my favourite spots in London.

Summer dreaming along South Bank

As is often the case, I get ideas for paintings when I am not looking for them. This is why taking time out is so valuable. When I am experiencing a creative block I know that I've spent too much time rushing about or working too hard. And what better place to remove yourself from reality than a festival.

As no summer would be complete without a festival inspired painting, this is 'Journey into thunderstruck skies':

Journey into thunderstruck skies

'Journey into thunderstruck skies' is partly inspired by Bestival 2018, which I attended with a fab bunch of friends at the beginning of August.

The painting, alongside may of my other pieces, is available to buy via my online shop:

Thank you for reading my latest blog.

Until next time,


With my artwork at the Preview Night

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