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Firework lit skies

I'll begin this post with Part II to 'Journey into thunderstruck skies', which is one of my latest paintings that I have titled 'Bonfire Hearts'. I don't often get the inclination to paint a series of paintings on the same subject, at least not in quick succession. Yet, I was overcome with the urge to paint with bold, expressive colours.

Bonfire Hearts

Part II 'Bonfire Hearts'

Although 'Journey into thunderstruck skies' and 'Bonfire Hearts' are loosely based on festival nightlife, the inspiration for them surfaced from emotional experiences. The themes of revelation and shock underlie these pieces. I wanted to transmit my emotional responses into a captivating image. More than any other type of painting that I do, my festival art seems to provoke the most diverse set of interpretations. This is partly why I prefer not to divulge in the 'story' behind the art.

Part I 'Journey into thunderstruck skies'

Part I 'Journey into thunderstruck skies'

In other news, I have been busy framing a number of prints and original pieces. One such piece is my Old Trafford Cricket Ground oil painting, which is now available to buy via my online shop:

It is for sale in a bespoke handmade, walnut wood, frame.

Old Trafford, original oil painting in bespoke handmade frame

Old Trafford, oil on canvas

I will also be exhibiting a framed print of my Old Trafford painting in the ‘Open Art & Craft Exhibition on 3rd and 4th November 2018. This will be the first time that this painting has featured in an exhibition.

Old Trafford framed print

Old Trafford, framed print

Open Art & Craft Exhibition

Gazing Out, oil on canvas

News of further winter exhibitions will be announced soon...

Thank you for reading.


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