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'Signposts' and 'Market Street Magnestism'


I've been working on some new pieces since I last wrote here. One of my latest pieces is 'Market Street Magnetism' (please see below). This is a mixed media painting of the city of Manchester.

Market Street Magnestism

(When the handmade frame for the piece is complete, it will go on sale online via my shop:

One of the features of a city, and a great theme to explore in a painting, is anonymity. In order to build a textured surface in areas of the painting, I chose to use layers of calico fabric. In particular, I focused on sections that were populated by people. The result of this approach was a distortion of the figures. In this way, there is no fixed point of focus and the viewer feels immersed in city life. Similarly, I have sought to achieve a similar effect in some of my festival crowd paintings.

A selection of my festival paintings can be seen in my current solo exhibition, 'Signposts'. This exhibition continues at the Vision On Gallery (at Valli Opticians) until Friday 10th May. For full details of the exhibition, please visit:

The exhibition is curated by ARTbound.

A selection of my artwork in 'Signposts'

A selection of artwork from my solo exhibition 'Signposts'

Meanwhile, selected pieces of my artwork are on sale via my online shop:

Free UK shipping is available on all orders.

Artwork on sale

Selected artwork on sale

Thank you for reading my latest instalment.


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