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“Facing Freddie” & ‘The Great Lockdown’

It was a slow star to the year. I was struggling with a lack of inspiration. The dip began in December and I was getting frustrated with myself. In the end I surrendered to it. And once I did, I was surprised by the cure...

In early January I signed up to Giovanni Pernice’s lockdown dance classes. It was a most unexpected decision because I’ve never really danced before and the prospect made me feel quite nervous. However, I committed myself to giving it a go. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, even if I haven’t mastered any of the dances yet. After the first week I had found that spark of inspiration that I was waiting for, the product of which is “Facing Freddie”. You can watch a video clip of the process below. It incorporates the five dances from every weekday class. This includes the Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Charleston, Samba and the Jive.

“Facing Freddie” is available to buy via my online shop:

"Facing Freddie", acrylic on canvas board

I also have a collection of t-shirts and vests with the “Facing Freddie“ design, which are available to buy via:

There is free postage available on all orders placed this weekend (29th-31st January).

"Facing Freddie" women's vest: tshirtsatshortleg

In other news, I am delighted to be starting next month with a virtual exhibition. The Great Lockdown runs between 1st and 14th February. I am delighted to be a part of this exhibition. There were over 300 submissions to the open call and only 16 artists selected. It blows my mind that my artwork was selected given that both pieces are Tailenders paintings that’ll probably make no sense to a 'non-Tailender'.

You can view the exhibition here:


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