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Cricket, cats, commissions and exhibition news


It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog so there’s lots to share.

I'll start with a picture of my newly finished oil painting of Old Trafford Cricket Ground. I began this painting last summer after watching a day's play of the England vs South Africa Test match. Fast forward to this season with the sun out and series 2 of the Tailenders podcast in full flow, I revisited the painting. Listening to Tailenders podcast is the best guarantee of a productive painting session. Although my brother has now banned me from listening to the podcast in the garden, in case I am spotted laughing uncontrollably to myself.

Old Trafford- England vs South Africa August 2017

I had some assistance from another source too. Introducing a very special character, Mousehole the cat, who as you can tell had a very active role in the process.

Mousehole offering his critique

As a huge Lancashire fan, this has definitely been one of my favourites so far.

At the end of last month, I also sent off a commissioned painting to its new home. It’s an unusual piece of a promising young cricketer (please see below). A lot of thought went into the composition of the piece. The whole bowling action of the boy was an important part of the painting so I was keen to suggest movement as well as shape. This is why I incorporated a slightly abstract addition to the background. The project was a big challenge but I am pleased to report that the customer was very happy with the finished product.

Commissioned painting
An abstract addition to the background to emphasise his bowling action, as well as the importance of practice/ trail and error

Finally, I have some very exciting news. I have been chosen as a selected artist for La Galleria Pall Mall's Summer Show. This means four of my pieces will be exhibited at the gallery in July (9th-14th, 2018). I first exhibited at the gallery in December 2017 and it was one of my favourite exhibition experiences to date so I'm absolutely thrilled to be returning next month.

For more information on other selected artists please visit:

La Galleria Pall Mall (December 2017)

Please visit my online shop for original artwork available to buy:

Thank you for reading my blog,


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