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Bats are the way forward

My final painting of 2019 was ‘Tailenders takes over Hackney Empire: the (mini) bat’. Now that a third live Tailenders show is confirmed, and I have tickets 😊, I look forward to yet again attempting to capture the madness of the show. In the meantime, the mini Gray-Nicolls Tailenders bat is available to buy via my online shop:

Tailenders takes over Hackney Empire: the (mini) bat

Tailenders takes over Hackney Empire: the (mini) bat

2019 was a bit of a crazy year filled with surprise occurrences/ events. This, I suppose, explains the rather eclectic collection of artwork from 2019 (see collage below). I discovered that I prefer painting on cricket bats to canvases, not that it will stop me painting on the latter.

Painting collage of 2019

Collage of paintings from 2019: (from right to left) 1. A Royal view from Edrich Stand 2. By Universal Invitation 3. In the rhythm and flow 4. Tailenders LIVE (SOLD) 5. Tailenders takes over Hackney Empire 6. Evening play at Sedbergh (SOLD) 7. Market Street Magnetism

The year of 2019 also saw me exhibit in some new locations, including The Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf. This is a fascinating building and a great place to view art. It happens to be conveniently placed too, very close to a Caffe Nero beside the River Thames and with the Tate just a few minutes walk away.

Some photographs of the Art Maze exhibition can be seen below

Art Maze exhibition

Art Maze at The Bargehouse

Market Street Magnetism

Market Street Magnetism

View of The Bargehouse from Caffe Nero

View of The Bargehouse from Caffe Nero

Moreover, last month I was delighted to receive a photograph of ‘Evening play at Sedbergh’ in its new home. It’s wonderful to see the bat so beautifully presented in a box frame. It gives me the greatest joy when I receive messages from happy customers. I know that I will continue to paint regardless of whether I sell another piece or not, but these snippets really do help to drive me on.

Evening play at Sedbergh

Evening play at Sedbergh in its new home

I'm not sure whether it's the time of year and the weather, or not, but I've temporarily paused the cricket bat paintings to paint a new scene. But you'll have to wait until next time to see...

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