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A new innings


I am now offering free postage on all orders (within the UK) from my online shop. I have also added some new artwork, including the mini painting ‘A Strike Of Buttler Brilliance’ as well as the newly finished Lancashire Cricket team bat (as seen below).

A Strike of Buttler brilliance

A Strike of Buttler Brilliance

Lancashire Cricket Team Bat

Lancashire Cricket Team Bat

I had this bat on display at the Lancashire Cricket Foundation Ladies Lunch last Friday. I was delighted with the response to it. Whilst I received a decent offer on the bat, I decided to decline. In many ways I feel that this decision has been a defining moment for me. It has been difficult to move away from seeing my art as merely a hobby and stepping into the professional field.

Consequently, I feel the urge to share a bit more detail on the creative process. When pricing my artwork I take into consideration the number of hours that have gone into its production. Often this is not fully reflected in the final price because I wish for my art to remain affordable. Nevertheless, I think it is worth noting that altogether around 50 hours of work went into making the Lancashire cricket bat.

I paint because it’s my passion. The business side of my job doesn’t come easily to me but it is something I am dedicated to learning because I love what I do. I am fortunate that I have found another job that I enjoy and that helps to support me as I pursue my dreams. Due to circumstances outside of my control, this year has tested just how deep that determination runs.

Selling my artwork is an absolute joy. It is living out a dream so when I sell a piece of art I hope that it is finding a home where it is truly valued.

My art stall at the Lancashire Cricket Foundation at Emirates Old Trafford
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