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A whirlwind journey

It's been a bizarre start to the year.

Firstly, I have to refer to 'Tailenders Live'. It is a painting that I produced following my visit to Broadcasting House to watch a live recording of the Tailenders podcast. I was overwhelmed with the response to it on social media. It was especially surreal to have Greg James and Eleanor Oldroyd discussing a piece of my artwork over Twitter. It felt like a dream. Moreover, I am utterly thrilled to have sold the painting (and less than 24 hours after finishing it).

Tailenders Live

'Signposts' will be my next exhibition, which opens at the Vision On Gallery at Valli Opticians on Friday 8th February. It will run until 10th May 2019. I often paint from inspired moments, which tend to occur in special places. As a result, this exhibition is a collection of paintings that 'signpost' elements of my life journey so far. This means it features all the ingredients for a happy life: coffee, cricket and Glastonbury Festival.

'Signposts' preview

The exhibition is curated by ARTbound.

Until next time.


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